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| symphony no. 2 in d major opus 36 |

saturday 10 february 2024

York Music Education CIC – Millthorpe School

Welcome to the second event in the York Beethoven Project, sponsored by


The Project was conceived in 2022 after talking to a number for friends and colleagues in rehearsal rooms and theatre pits around the area who showed support and enthusiasm to take part. This was  realised by the fabulous take up we have had for this first event in September 2023.  


The aim is to rehearse and perform all of Beethoven’s Symphonies with local musicians in local venues. If all goes to plan, we should do 2 or 3 per year, completing the cycle in 2027 – Beethoven’s 200th anniversary.

Today, we welcome players from across York as well as Harrogate, Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and Sussex. Many are regular members of local ensembles, some are full-time or retired musicians, and some are getting back into things after a year or two of not playing. You are all very welcome and we hope that you have a great day of music making. 


Special thanks to:

York Music Education CIC for Hosting this first event and for the use of their equipment. 

York Light Orchestra for the loan of music stands.


Jonathan & Marcus for taking sectionals.

White Rose Theatre for co-ordinating and promoting the Project.


Huntington Library, White Rose Theatre and York CVS for their on-going support.

Cobwebs Orchestra, York Symphony Orchestra, Hart strings, Harrogate Symphony Orchestra, and other groups both locally and further afield for supporting and taking part.

Joseph Rowntree Theatre, Rydale Special Families, & our sponsor inc-dot for supporting the Project.

the orchestra

First Violins

Louise Watson (Leader)

Jane Green               

Susan Hibbert              

Anna Howard       

Sally Kingsley         

John List                 

Richard Milner            

Sarah Milner               

Helen Taylor 

2nd Violins

Nigel Ball                 

Marcus Bousfield     

Nicola Dawson             

Jane Halnan                          

Sue Lawrence           

Rachel McWalter                 

Tanya Pawson          

Gordon Taylor         

Rachel Taylor                 

Dorothy Wilson              

Emily Wilson 


Joanna Ainsley           

Ralph Bateman                         

Elizabeth Inglis      

Amanda Kirby              

Francis Loftus       

Mary Luker 


Matthew Allan

Jenny Fortmann

Nino Grillo

John Hutton

Michael Lindsay

Sarah McEvoy

Claire Marvell

Margaret Moorhouse

Judith Spindler

Double Bass

Sarah Bridle                  

Ben McWalter          

Christian Topman       

Wendy Willis


Emily Atkinson

Melanie Dvorak

Clare Haskell

Julie Harris

Gail Shuttleworth


John Hayward

Rosie Lynch

Alex Nightingale


Caz Crosbie

Zoe Harding

Morgan Hollis

Jonathan Sage

Lucy Wadsley


Neville Barker

Kate Galloway

Deborah Welch


Oliver Balm                 

Mike Reeder


Andrew Dalby

Cameron McArthur

Paul McArthur


Eddy Sparrow


John Atkin

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